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Announcing Own Up

RateGravity is becoming Own Up. We’re thrilled to announce our new name and excited to continue serving homebuyers with a new brand that better represents our company’s values and mission.

Should I buy a house during a pandemic?

Google searches for 'Should I buy a house?' recently reached an all-time high. Here’s a framework to help think through this important decision:

How to pause your mortgage payments during the Coronavirus crisis

If you suffer a decline in income or lose your job altogether, whether or not you become sick from Coronavirus, you will be eligible for payment relief for up to 12 months without late charges, penalties, or derogatory marks on your credit. Here's how to get the help you need.

How the COVID-19 Crisis is Bringing FHA and VA Loans to a Grinding Halt

Interest rates on FHA and VA loans are getting higher, and are harder to qualify for, even as rates for other borrowers are near all-time lows.

The Impending Housing Crisis and Why the US Government Will Need to Bailout the Mortgage Industry...Again

There are many segments of the economy that are coming under fire as society continues to deal with the disruption caused by COVID-19, but none are bigger or more important to the US economy than the housing industry, which is exactly why the government is going to need to save it from collapsing.

A Looming Housing Crisis? What to Expect for US Housing in 2020

As we look towards the future of our world post-COVID-19, no one is sure what to expect. Here are two potential outlooks for the housing market and the signals that will indicate where it’s headed.

For Vets Seeking Home Loans, the Covid-19 Economy is Making It Harder

While it’s always important for veterans to shop for a mortgage, it’s especially important to do so during the current economic crisis caused by COVID-19.

Providing Perfect Loans for an Imperfect World

Mortgage lenders look for “perfect loans” and if any imperfections exist, you pay a penalty, which comes in the form of higher interest rates or fees.

Refinancing After the COVID-19 Mortgage Forbearance Program

While the CARES Act mortgage forbearance program helped many Americans manage their mortgage payments during COVID-19 challenges, refinancing may help reduce future financial hardships.

Co-founder and CEO Patrick Boyaggi Shares the Benefits of Own Up on the Creating Wealth Podcast

Our co-founder and CEO Patrick Boyaggio was recently interviewed by Jason Hartman from the Creating Wealth podcast where he discussed how Own Up helps consumers create the best financial outcome for themselves during the mortgage process.