The Homeowners

“They got us the pre-approval in like 10 minutes! They absolutely saved the day.”

Emily and Evan, Peabody MA
Happy Own Up customers Emily and Evan smile at the camera
After years of renting, Emily and Evan decided it was time to put down roots. But when they wanted to make a last-minute offer on their dream home, they couldn’t get a hold of anyone at their mortgage company. Their realtor recommended Own Up, and thanks to our innovative pre-qualification technology (a mortgage industry first), they had the pre-approval letter they needed within the hour.
“Everyone was so kind, so patient, so informative, and really just warm. They gave me so much confidence.” Own Up matched them to a lender at a preferred interest rate, saving them $38,000 over the life of their loan.“Own Up was a champion for us throughout the entire process … I can’t describe what saving that much money means to us!