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VA Loan Data Study Overview: 2022 Update

One group of borrowers that is negatively impacted by the nefarious behavior of certain mortgage lenders are US Veterans. Here's how.

STUDY: Home buyers are confused about the mortgage process and worried that bias is impacting their outcomes

To get a pulse on how consumers feel about the current housing market, we conducted a survey of 1,000 homeowners and potential buyers in the U.S.

The Gender Gap: Women Pay More For Their Mortgage Than Men

Women in the U.S. overpay on their mortgages in 49 of the 50 states. Here are the states and why women may be paying more for their mortgages than men.

How Boston helped two bankers become MassChallenge Finalists

So how is it that two former bankers were able to leave a technologically challenged industry, launch a consumer facing technology start-up and become MassChallenge Finalists in less than 4 months? Well, none if it happens without the city of Boston.

An Interview With Keller Williams Andover CEO Michael Hvizda

As with superheroes, an agent’s origin story often tells of struggle that led to growth. We recently spoke with Michael Hvizda, the CEO of Keller Williams Andover, about his entrepreneurial beginnings, including the failures that enabled him to thrive.

5 Things I Learned from Jonathan Cheever

When we decided to sponsor Jonathan, we were excited to be a supporter of his Olympic journey because of his strong Massachusetts roots and the clear love of his home.

Accelerating Gravity

In the Winter of 2015, I began accepting applications for Raizlabs’ startup incubator, XLR8. The goal of this program was to help nurture the next great Boston area startups and provide them guidance in the areas that Raizlabs excels, namely mobile development, product management and UI/UX.

Why This Own Up Advisor Dedicated His Career To Transparency

We sat down with Own Up advisor, Ethan Bernstein, to share some of his wisdom and insight on standing up for consumers.

Q&A: How Boston City Councilor Josh Zakim Sees Boston’s Housing Market

Read how Councilor Zakim is laser-focused on empowering people in communities across Massachusetts to take ownership over their housing and neighborhoods.

A Chat with Own Up Advisor, Former Massachusetts Commissioner of Banks

Read more about what we learned when we had a brief sit down Q&A with David Cotney, who is on our Board of Advisors.