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The know-how you need to navigate home financing.

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See how any lender’s rates compare to the average.

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Get the range of rates for your borrowing scenario across thousands of lenders.

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Learn how Own Up can save your clients time and money.

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Find your best mortgage. Save time and money.

  • Shop a marketplace of top lenders
  • Zero unwanted calls or emails
  • No impact to your credit


There's a 0.5% difference between the best and worst rate for the same borrower.
Graph showing that there is a half a percent difference between the best and worst rates for the same borrower




Honest about money

We don't make more money on higher rates. We get paid the same fee (.40%) by our lenders when you close your loan.

Radically transparent

We flip our screen so you see every option we see — and everyone is treated equally.

Simple to use

It pays to shop around — rates can vary up to .50%. Our tools help you easily compare offers and ensure fair terms.
Happy Own Up customers Allie and Kris smile at the camera

“It seems too good to be true, but don’t be skeptical. It’s the real deal.”

Allie & Kris Yarosh

Easton, MA


The personalized advice, lender shopping, and analysis we offer is free. If you choose to get your mortgage from one of our lenders, that lender will pay us 0.40% of the loan amount. That’s 1/3rd of what they pay their own salespeople, and the savings are passed on to you in the form of a lower interest rate and lower costs. If you don’t choose one of our lenders — but use our tools and guidance for reassurance or to negotiate better terms from another lender — then we make nothing. But that’s okay, because we want happy customers who recommend us to their friends.

Own Up is a service designed to help you evaluate lenders, choose the right mortgage, and ensure you get fair terms — we do not provide financing. Instead, we use technology to match you with certified lenders and help you compare offers and choose the loan that best suits your needs. You can lock in your interest rate through Own Up and we provide ongoing counsel until you close your loan.

No. Your Home Advisor will help you evaluate multiple choices among our certified lenders. Once you’ve found the best option for your unique situation, only then will we introduce you to your chosen lender. You will not receive email, phone calls, or texts from any of our lenders until you opt-in. After introducing you to your lender your advisor will be with you throughout the way, monitoring your loan to make sure you get the same high level of service from our lender that you receive from Own Up.

No. To determine the interest rates and terms you qualify for, Own Up utilizes a soft credit inquiry that does NOT affect your credit score. We do NOT require you to provide your Social Security Number (SSN) to use our service.


Happy Own Up customer Evan and a friend smile at the camera

“We need to be looking at things differently in the digital age and Own Up’s the only one doing that.”

Evan says his biggest takeaway from the home buying process is, "Shop around, shop around, shop around"...


Happy Own Up customer Andrew smiles at the camera

“If I had a question, Patrick was just a phone call or text away.”

Andrew recently had an offer accepted on an affordable housing unit, but due to the condo’s unique circumstance...


Happy Own Up customers Michael and Marina smile at the camera

“There was a human touch ... it felt like a concierge.”

Michael and his wife were living and working in the greater Boston area when they started to think about buying a home...

Michael and Marina


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It pays to shop for the right loan. Whether buying or refinancing, our customers save an average of $27k over the life of their loan.