RateGravity is now Own Up

We’ve always worked for our customers’ best interest — and now we have a name to match. We’re owning up and fixing the problems that previously defined the mortgage industry.


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you deserve

We built Own Up to bring clarity to an outdated industry.

We work
for your
best interest

We’re a tech company — not a bank — so we can be objective about finding you multiple offers from our network of top-rated lenders.


about money

We don’t make more money on higher rates. We get paid the same fee (.30%) by our lenders when you close your loan.


We flip our screen so you see every option we see — and everyone is treated equally.

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It pays to shop around — rates can vary up to .50%. Our tools help you easily compare offers and ensure fair terms.

“Patrick was there every step of the way and made
sure it was
smooth sailing.”

Andrew, Boston MA


Hear From Our Customers

“If I had a question, Patrick was just a phone call or text away.”

Andrew had been looking for a home after renting for more than two years and had an offer accepted on an affordable housing unit.

“I graduated about two years ago, and after renting a place for so long I thought it was time to buy. I work as a project manager in tech, and was starting to look for a place near my job. The second offer I made was accepted and the next step was to secure a mortgage.”

Unfortunately, the condo came with a bit of a quirk — the building his new was facing a pending lawsuit that made lenders unwilling to offer a competitive rate for a mortgage.

“The challenging aspect about the mortgage for this place was that there was a pending lawsuit … many of the mortgage companies didn’t want to take it on. The selling agent had recommended a lender that would be comfortable with the situation but the rates were ridiculously high, so I decided to look at other options. No one wanted to take the mortgage or the rates were too high.”

Andrew’s realtor recommended he reach out to Own Up.

“I talked to my realtor and one of the mortgage options she recommended was Own Up. I really like the idea of supporting startups, so I reached out. Patrick immediately responded. We went through all the details, and then Patrick shopped my info around and found one that would be willing to supply me with a rate that was very reasonable. Patrick was there every step of the way and once we found a lender he made sure it was smooth sailing from there on.”

Own Up helped Andrew find a competitive rate through our network that saved him approximately $13K over the life of his loan, and served as an advisor as Andrew navigated the rest of the home buying process.

“Patrick was always there throughout the whole process. If I had a question he was just a phone call or text away. He answered any questions I had straight away and really got to the bottom of things. All these old-fashioned processes are slowly being replaced, and I think it’s really beneficial that Own Up is rethinking the mortgage process.”

“I definitely didn’t feel like I was fighting a big corporate system.”

After Todd took a new job and moved to a new town — along with his wife Jayme and their two daughters — it was time to think about a long-term home. Early in their search Todd started shopping around for a mortgage, and an ad for Own Up caught his eye.

“We had originally started working with a conventional mortgage company and received an initial offer, but when I saw that Own Up was saying they could save me on my interest rate I thought I’d run the numbers. And I wasn’t disappointed.”

Not only did Todd score the best rate through a lender in our network — .75% lower than what he had been offered at his original mortgage company! — but he stayed in close touch with one of our home advisors throughout the entire process.

“Tyler was very personable, and the way he laid out our options made us feel like he was looking out for us rather than just doing his job and closing the deal. He advised us throughout our search, gave us good feedback on specific questions, and showed us the affordability calculator tool where we were able to plug in variables and get back a pretty close range of where we would be. It was super helpful.”

Todd and Jayme ended up purchasing a home that after two months of renovations they’re finally moving into this month. They’re already feeling the impact of the $37K they saved by getting a lower rate.

“Over the life of a loan saving $30,000 plus is huge — it breaks down to significant savings each month for us. We’ve been doing a lot of renovations in the house and in a few years here we have a daughter going off to college. It’s nice to be able to save money monthly.”

“There was a human touch … it felt like a concierge at times.”

Michael and his wife were living and working in the Greater Boston area when they started to think about buying a home. They were trying to navigate the process as first-time homebuyers when they happened upon a seminar led by Own Up.

“We were looking for ways to become more educated about the home buying process and serendipitously the building I was working in had advertisements for a first time homebuyers course held by Own Up. My wife joined me for the seminar with Mike. We had learned a lot on our own but it was super helpful to have a seasoned expert calmly explaining different pieces of the process to us, answering our questions, and confirming the information we had found.”

A year later, they were ready to jump into the process by getting pre-approved for a loan and reached out to Own Up.

“I kept a business card from the presentation somewhere near my desk and fished it out when we were ready to do a pre-approval. Initially I pulled up Own Up’s website and used the online tool to apply for a pre-approval. It was really easy to use and I hadn’t realized that we could use the pre-approval process as a way to figure out how much we could afford. With the online tools we didn’t have to just bust the numbers on our own.”

Michael and Marina knew they wanted to work with a local bank and an Own Up home advisor worked with them to find a competitive loan in New England.

“All of the rates Mike pulled for us were much better than what we had expected based on the publicly available tools. And not only that, but he was able to restrict our search to local lenders which was really important to us.”

Beyond finding them a number of competitive rates with local lenders, Mike helped Michael and Mariana understand the various mortgage options out on the market and continued to advise them throughout their home search.

“There are so many players out there in the industry – so many attorneys, so many agents – it’s bewildering to find the right place or person to start with. With RateGravity there was this human touch there and it almost felt like a concierge at times. Our work with them went as well as we could have hoped. It felt like we were getting way more than our value’s worth.”

“They got us pre-approval in like 10 minutes!”

After years of renting an apartment in the North Shore of Boston, Emily and Evan decided it was time to put down some roots and buy their first home.

“We spent so many years living in apartments together, going from place to place. We were eager to start growing that family experience for ourselves and begin building new memories in a new home.”

Despite their realtor’s advice to work with a local lender, Emily and Evan initially started working with a “big box” mortgage brand, assuming that the company’s size would mean they’d have access to the lowest rates and quickest response time.

“We found a home we wanted to make an offer on, but when we really needed a last minute pre-approval letter we couldn’t get a hold of anybody! Our realtor at the time recommended we reach out to Own Up, so I called them and immediately got someone on the phone. They had a quick conversation with me and were so kind, so patient, so informative, and really just warm. They gave me so much confidence that even though this was last minute, and even though we didn’t know them well, it would be ok. They got us the pre-approval in like 10 minutes. It was insane! I couldn’t believe it. They absolutely saved the day.”

“We went into this whole process pretty ignorant on the mechanisms of it all, and what we loved so much about Own Up was how well they explained things to us without making us feel like complete dopes. They made all this new terminology and crazy process feel accessible, doable, and approachable.”

And when it finally came time to make an offer on their dream home, our lender matching technology was able to present them with loan offers from the top rated local lenders. Own Up matched them to a lender that closed their loan on-time, and they were able to secure a preferred interest rate that will save them $38,000 over the lifetime of their loan.

“They had been a champion for us throughout the entire process, and in the end they came through and secured us an amazing rate. I can’t describe to you what saving that much money means to us on a daily basis.”

“The offer that I got was dramatically better than my original.”

Max and his fiancé started their home buying process by making what they thought was a non-competitive offer on a home. Four hours later (and much to their surprise), their offer was accepted and they were suddenly left scrambling for a lender, coordinating their search from two different states and time zones.

“This was the first house we put an offer on, and to be honest it wasn’t all that competitive considering the market and where we were looking. But our offer was accepted within four hours and things went in motion way faster than we anticipated. We didn’t expect that it would even be considered.”

The following weeks were filled with busy work schedules and a crash course in home buying. Max’s real estate agent recommended that he work with her preferred mortgage lender — a common occurrence for new homebuyers. After receiving the initial rate from the lender, market changes caused the rate to jump up, and Max was concerned he might not be getting the best deal. A co-worker suggested reaching out to Own Up.

“The rates had gone up before I was able to lock them in. I was a little bit surprised by how much they went up — about a quarter of a percent.”

Max worked with Mike, a Home Advisor at Own Up, and was able to find a loan that was a half a percent better than his original lender’s offer. Max’s new rate equated to more than $43,000 in savings! 

“Talking with Mike was a game changer. My main concerns weren’t only that I would be saving money but that I would get the customer service that I needed. Having that conversation with Mike at the outset was the reason we could go down that path because I was able to tell my agent ‘listen you can talk to these people, it’s going to be fine, I know you’re concerned it’s a broker and you haven’t worked with them before but they’re great.’ The offer that I got was dramatically better than my original.”

With a significantly better offer in hand, Max went back to his original lender with the leverage he needed to negotiate better financial terms. In order to keep Max as a customer, the lender lowered their interest rate and decreased their closing costs.

“I was compelled to go back to my original lender and say ‘look guys, this isn’t going to cut it, a half a percent is a lot of money over the life of a loan. My agent is comfortable with you and you have great customer service, but something has got to give here. If it weren’t for Own Up, I wouldn’t have had the leverage to say you need to work with me or I’m going somewhere else.”

In an industry that is confusing and murky on its best days, we were able to tilt the balance of power to favor the homebuyer. We’re thrilled that we helped him save thousands of dollars and we’re confident that we have a customer for life.

“We were so impressed by their response time and transparency”

Cody and Erica were looking for a home in the North Shore of Boston and found a house that they were ready to move on. They had been working with a mortgage company and were nearing their closing when they received a quote that made them question if they were really getting the best rate.

“We had gotten in touch with a “sales guy” for a mortgage company, but he was not pitched to us that way. We didn’t recognize until we were quite late into the process that he wasn’t a broker in the sense that he was talking to other institutions to get us the best rate. He was just like ‘here’s our list of mortgage products, now pick one’.”

“When he came back to us with a rate that was much higher than we were expecting we realized all of a sudden that we needed to start shopping around. We didn’t realize that wasn’t what we had been doing with this other person. The lack of research on our part and lack of transparency in our experience with this person made us ask ‘what’s really going on here’?”

As they started to explore other lender options, what they really wanted was a company they could trust that could shop their application around to multiple banks to find them the best deal.

“We started shopping around with two specific mortgage companies, and at the same time did some research to see if there were any organizations out there that could blast out our application to a number of banks. That’s how we found Own Up. Own Up was the only company we found through our extensive online searches that looked trustworthy and could get our info out to a bunch of different banks. They were exactly what we needed.” 

“Our first conversation was with Mike and he blew us away. The sense we got from him was reliability and transparency. We had been hesitant to just dive right in with someone new, but everything Mike said and did, the extent to which he was consistent with follow up and always transparent, made us feel confident in moving through each step with Own Up.”

Own Up found a local bank for Cody and Erica and was able to work with them to secure an interest rate that beat the offer from their original mortgage company — saving them approximately $17K over the life of their loan.

“We were so impressed by their response time and transparency throughout the process. We never felt like Mike was trying to sell us on something, or explain why we needed someone like him. It was just that we had this need, and Mike took care of it. We’re really so happy and grateful.”