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What happens on Own Up's review call?

01 Dec 2021

What happens on Own Up's review call?

Why Your Own Up Review Call is Important

Whether you are buying your first home or refinancing, home ownership is a journey. Our goal is helping you along that path to a better rate on your mortgage. While other online lenders offer the chance to speak with a licensed advisor, Own Up requires a 7-minute Review Call. Why? Because the end goal is not about getting a loan, it is about getting the right loan for you. Isn’t that worth 7 minutes?

It’s Personal

For most people a home is their largest asset. But just as all houses and neighborhoods are different, so are mortgages and your financial situation. To know what is best for you, we need to get to know you. So you can be a co-pilot on this journey, we need to educate you.

This education is critical as for most people a home is their largest asset.

Rates can differ by as much as 0.5% between lenders. This equates to tens of thousand of dollars over the life of your mortgage.Your Review Call is an introduction to the personal home advisor who will help you find a better rate on a mortgage**.** After the call, you’ll get your advisor’s personal phone number and email so you can call or text them whenever you need.

What to expect from your review call

A review of your profile

While we collect some information online, there is often additional information your advisor needs based on your specific situation. This step is critical because different lenders have different lending requirements. Own Up wants to ensure we have a complete picture to find you a better rate.

A description of how the process works

There are often multiple steps between your inquiry and getting approved for your loan. For a customer looking to buy a new home, your advisor will describe how lenders assess what you qualify for, what a pre-approval letter is and why it’s important, and what to do once you have an accepted offer. For customers looking to refinance, your advisor will describe the anonymous process we’ll use to find you offers from our certified lender network.

Actionable takeaways

Our business at Own Up is based on three principles: Being honest about money, being radically transparent, and being simple to use. Review Calls help us be all those things.

Your call gives you the information you need, along with a trusted advisory to guide you, so you can find a better rate on a mortgage. Own Up advisors do this in different ways including an affordability tool so you can see what you can afford, a personalized pre-approval letter site to generate pre-approval letters when you need them, and a rate quote site detailing firm offers (rates) personalized to your profile.

These are just some of the things you may cover on your Own Up Review Call, but ultimately the call is yours. We aim to empower you to find a better rate on your mortgage.

Ready to set off on your journey? Give us a call!