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The 10 “Best” Home Mortgage Brokers in Boston, MA for 2022

The 10 “Best” Home Mortgage Brokers in Boston, MA for 2022

Whether you’re new to the homebuying experience or you’ve been through the process a few times, getting a mortgage can be intimidating. It’s important to arm yourself with enough knowledge so you can be your own best advocate and then choose the right partners – including the right mortgage lender.

Here’s the bottom line “the best Massachusetts mortgage lender” list doesn’t exist. The biggest secret in home financing is that rates vary widely for the exact same borrower. Mortgages are a commodity product – one 30 year fixed-rate mortgage is the same as any other. The difference between loans, and lenders, is ultimately the price you pay – the rate and the fees that go with it. And incredibly, rates vary by half a percent or more depending on which lender (and even which salesperson at a given lender) that you work with.

Lenders have different business models and different “ideal” borrowers. There’s an overwhelming likelihood that a lender won’t tell you they’re not the best fit for your business, they’ll just offer you a rate that’s higher than you can find elsewhere and hope you don’t shop. For instance, if you’re looking for a jumbo loan on a condo that will be used as an investment property, or you’re a lower credit borrower, or you’re looking for a less common loan product, there are some lenders that are just going to have more competitive rates than others for that specific borrowing scenario.

Getting a personalized rate from multiple lenders and comparing side by side is the only way to be certain you’ve locked in the best rate.

Larger mortgage originators are more likely to have a wider variety of loan options, from conventional loans to jumbo loans, and, because of their size, may have more room to negotiate, but you have to be prepared to negotiate effectively. Here are the top 10 largest mortgage lenders by volume in Massachusetts:

2. Quicken Loans
3. Bank of America
4. Guaranteed Rate
5. Leader Bank NA
6. United Shore Financial Services
7. Fairway Independent
8. Residential Mortgage Services
9. Santander Bank
10. Rockland Trust Company

To narrow down the list, you can quickly check how their average rate compares to the larger mortgage market by using Lender Grader, a free tool that allows you to compare Massachusetts mortgage lenders rates based on the state average.

If you’re ready to take the mortgage shopping shortcut and compare accurate, detailed offers from our marketplace, we’re here to help.

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