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Why We Think Buying Agents Are Worth It

19 Apr 2021

Why We Think Buying Agents Are Worth It

Technology is disrupting all aspects of the real estate industry and calling into question the value of every aspect of the traditional delivery model. We are proud to be part of that movement, by working to make mortgage brokerage more customer-friendly. This shift might make you think that buying a home without a buyer’s agent is a good idea, but it’s actually in your best interest to have a real estate agent on your side when you’re making such a large financial purchase.

Here are six reasons you shouldn’t shop for a home without a buyer’s agent.

  • Knowing Your Needs: A good buyer’s agent will understand your current and future needs, especially if you’re a first-time homebuyer. An agent can help you anticipate unforeseen situations, from estimating home repairs to understanding school quality dynamics. Real estate agents can help you buy a home that will truly suit you and your family for the long-term.
  • Local Knowledge: A good agent will be connected and attuned to the trends and developments in the neighborhood that can affect home values. Is there a new public transportation stop being built or a big grocery store that will affect your quality of life, and also the price of your home. Agents can also evaluate how a new listing is priced in the market, which may give you an edge against competing bids. That can be particularly helpful in a very tight housing market like Boston, where you may have to act quickly and accurately to find your home.
  • Access to Listings: Some agents also have access to off-market listings that may never go up on Zillow or Redfin, and might never have an open house. That decreases the likelihood of a bidding war, which will not only keep the cost of the home reasonable, but it will also reduce the likelihood that you’ll have to consider more extreme measures like waiving the home inspection.
  • Visit Scheduling & Logistics: A good agent can line up multiple showings in a row, organized by geography, to make an efficient home shopping trip. It’s hard to search all the properties available and schedule each visit. Your agent will make sure you're receiving all of the best and newest listings that meet your criteria, and they’ll be able to create an efficient schedule to tour the homes you like.
  • Price Negotiating: A good agent can be a great help in negotiating you the best price, particularly as issues may arise after a home inspection. In addition, your agent may also have knowledge about how the listing agent handled bids on previous deals and can use that knowledge to steer your pricing strategy.
  • Post-Offer Process Management: Even after an accepted offer, agents will help navigate the dozens of processes involved with buying a home including inspections, appraisals, closing dates, and other contractual obligations.