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How a Homebuyer Conquered the Mortgage Process & Saved $13K

20 Apr 2021

How a Homebuyer Conquered the Mortgage Process & Saved $13K

Andrew, a project manager at an IT company, had been looking for a home after renting for more than two years and had an offer accepted on an affordable housing unit.

“I graduated about two years ago and after renting a place for so long I thought it was time to buy a home. I work as a project manager on the tech side and was starting to look for a place near my job. The second offer I made was accepted and the next step was to secure a mortgage.”

Unfortunately, the condo came with a bit of a quirk. The building his new apartment was in was facing a pending lawsuit that made lenders unwilling to offer a competitive rate for a mortgage.

“The challenging aspect about the mortgage for this place was that there was a pending lawsuit. Because of the lawsuit, many of the mortgage companies didn’t want to take it on. The selling agent had recommended a lender that would be comfortable with the situation but the rates were ridiculously high so I decided to look for some other options. Everyone I talked to didn’t want to take the mortgage or the rates were too high.”

Andrew’s realtor recommended he reach out to Own Up.

“I talk to my realtor and one of the mortgage options she recommended was Own Up. I really like the idea of supporting startups and so I reached out. Patrick immediately responded. We went through all the details and then Patrick shopped my info around to their network’s lenders and companies and found one that would be willing to supply me with a rate that was very reasonable. Patrick was there every step of the way and once we found a lender he made sure it was smooth sailing from there on.”

Own Up helped Andrew find a competitive rate through their network that saved him approximately $13K over the life of his loan, and served as an advisor as Andrew navigated the rest of the home buying process.

“Patrick was always there throughout the whole process. If I had a question he was just a phone call or text away. He answered any questions I had straight away and really got to the bottom of things. I work in tech and think that tech is where the future is. All these old-fashioned processes are slowly being replaced and I think it’s really beneficial that Own Up is rethinking the mortgage process.”

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