The mortgage you deserve

The pre-approval process at Own Up is a modern experience that uses technology, creates optionality and doesn’t rely on a single individual with misaligned incentives.

Our Pre-Approval Benefits

Extreme optionality

Our lender matching technology determines the lenders that match perfectly to you so you’re not stuck working with just one lender.

No SSN or hard credit inquiries

We’ve developed the fastest, easiest and most accurate pre-qualification technology in the industry.

pre-approval letters

We developed the industry’s first-ever automated pre-approval letter generator. Once the parameters are set, you can update your pre-approval letter at any time, from any device.

The Own Up Mortgage Process

After using your Own Up Pre-Approval Letter to get an accepted offer, our lender matching technology will pair you with the lenders that fit perfectly to your profile and get you access to discounted interest rates, ensuring you close on time and saving you thousands of dollars in the process.

“The pre-approval process was great — by far the smoothest of any lender I went through when shopping around.”

Milas B., Own Up Customer