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Affordability Calculator

Learn how much home you can afford, and the next steps to take in the process.

Rate Range Finder

Get the range of rates for your borrowing scenario across thousands of lenders.

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Learn how Own Up can save your clients time and money.


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VA Closing Costs

Learn more about how closing costs can change for VA loans.

Written Verification of Income (VOE)

Learn how written verification of income (VOE) factors into the mortgage process.

Home Ready Home Possible

Read more for everything you need to know about the home ready home possible program.

Voluntary Lien 101

Everything you need to know about voluntary property liens.

How to Get Out of a Purchase and Sale Agreement

A homebuyer's guide to getting out of your purchase and sales agreement.

Purchase and Sale Agreement 101

Everything you need to know about your purchase and sale agreement.

House Inspection Checklist

A good house inspection checklist can save you money when buying a house. Check out this complete guide.

What happens on Own Up's review call?

While other online lenders offer the chance to speak with a licensed advisor, Own Up requires a 7-minute Review Call. Why? Because the end goal is not about getting a loan, it is about getting the right loan for you. Isn’t that worth 7 minutes?

Monthly Housing Expenses: The True Cost of Home Ownership

One of the criteria used by lenders to determine if you qualify for home financing is your debt-to-income (DTI) ratio. This article will help you estimate your housing expenses and important factors you need to consider. Click here to read now!

How To Budget For A House

Figuring out how much mortgage you can afford can be difficult. Use this simple guide to learn how to budget for a house.