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How To Search For A Home

We sat down with a leading real estate agent to find out what the most important parts of a home search are.

Why Your Mortgage Was Sold

Mortgage companies will often sell your loan once it closes - even before the first payment. Here's what it means for you.

Why 3 Out Of 4 Homebuyers Don't Shop For A Mortgage

Comparison shopping mortgages creates challenges but can save you $20,000+. Learn how to easily shop for mortgages.

How Many Names Can You Have on a Mortgage?

Depending on your circumstances you may want, or need to utilize a co-borrower on your mortgage. A co-borrower is an additional applicant on your loan who becomes a party to the transaction.

The Ultimate Guide to Everything You Need for a Mortgage

Applying for a mortgage can be overwhelming. We've created a handy checklist outlining all the documents you'll need.

The Credit Score Conundrum

Different lenders use different criteria to determine credit scores. Here is a primer.

What Homebuyers Want to Know: Top Questions From Our Reddit AMA

If you're a home buyer, read these responses to the questions that our customers most wanted to know.

7 Steps to Picking the Right Real Estate Agent

Here are seven things buyers and sellers should do to ensure they are matched with the right real estate agent.

9 Housing Scams to Avoid

Your house is likely your biggest investment and the one you work hard to maintain, improve and protect. Here are nine housing scams you should avoid.

What is Title Insurance?

Many ask "what is title insurance?' Some policies are required, others are optional. Read this to understand your options.