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Create a Personal Cash Stimulus by Actively Managing Your Debt

It’s easy to view debt as outside of your control because it is money owed, instead of money earned or held. Don't overlook your options to unlock cost-savings opportunities.

Why a Real Estate Professional Uses Own Up Herself

We spoke with Eileen Kim, a real estate agent, about how she got into the real estate industry and why she personally uses Own Up.

Here's How We Helped This First-Time Homebuyer Save $43,000

Thanks to a competitive rate Max received from Own Up, he was able to secure a loan with a significantly lower interest rate than the one he was offered by his original agent-recommended lender.

Mike Cruz Is Not an Own Up Customer, Technically Speaking

We didn't get paid a dime for helping Mike. But since we are mission-driven, we are proud to help him save ~$20,000 of mortgage interest in just 7 years.

How a Homebuyer Conquered the Mortgage Process & Saved $13K

Andrew recently had an offer accepted on an affordable housing unit, but due to the condo’s unique circumstances he faced a challenge finding a lender. Fortunately, Own Up was able to find a solution.

“Just hear us out. Don’t do big box. Go local, and go with Own Up.”

A common misconception people have when buying a home is that the bigger the mortgage company, the better the access to competitive rates and 24-hour customer service. But Emily and Evan found out that their big mortgage company wasn’t nearly as efficient as they hoped.

Here's How Cody and Erica Saved $17K with Own Up

Cody and Erica were looking for a home in the North Shore of Boston and found a house that they were ready to move on. They had been working with a mortgage company and were nearing their closing when they received a quote that made them question if they were really getting the best rate.

Here's Why You Should Shop Around for a Mortgage

This couple saved over $17,000 by shopping around for a mortgage. Here's how shopping around can save you money.

Cha-Ching: How These Homebuyers are Saving $13K with a Local Lender

Find out how Own Up helped this couple find a local bank and secure a rate that saved them approximately $13K over the life of their loan.

"It Seems Too Good to Be True, But Don't Be Skeptical"

Allie and Kris were preparing to welcome their second child and were looking to buy a home that could work as their family grew. But because of their “complicated” income they weren’t having luck finding a competitive mortgage rate with their local bank.